Mix Submission Guidelines

When receiving PCM digital files, we prefer Wav or AIFF format. Please deliver your mixes without doing any sample rate conversion or bit depth truncation, deliver the files at the native sample rate and bit depth of the mix session.

For more information on analog delivery formats, please follow this link. We can accept other formats as well (such as DSD), if you wish to send any formats not listed here, please contact us with any questions.

In the upload, please provide the following information if it has not already been provided:

•    Artist
•    Mix Engineer(s) (with contact information)
•    Producer(s) (with contact information)
•    Track Sequence

* CLIENT REFERENCE MIXES: Some mix engineers will supply the client with a listening copy of the mix that includes additional processing for client reference purposes. If these additional versions exist, please deliver them to us as well (at the native rate of the mix session if possible). Additionally, if the mix engineer did supply these versions, let us know if their mix decisions were made while listening through this additional processing or if the processing was added after the mix was completed. If you do not know your mix engineer’s procedure or if these additional mixes were created, please provide us with the mix engineer’s contact information and we will gladly contact them directly.

Please send mixes to files@georgetownmasters.com or contact us directly for a link to our dropbox.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!