fulfillment company recommendations

If you are looking to release your project as BOTH a CD and Online release, we currently recommend using Disc Makers/CD Baby.  These two sister companies allow you to create all of your digital release formats from a DDP production master (assuming you won’t be needing MFiT or high resolution delivery).  Using DDP for both of these formats will save you the cost of creating multiple production masters.  While Wav files are a suitable delivery format for creating a digital downloads, they are not advisable delivery format for CD release.

Additionally, the Disc Makers/CD Baby team can use the metadata encoded on the DDP for both the CD and Digital Download/Streaming delivery. This means that if you choose the CD-text option for your production master, they can use that same meta-data to encode both your CD and your downloadable files.

Here is a link to get a quote on your project through Disc Makers.

They also offer bundles. Found here.

If you are using other companies for your CD replication and Digital Download/Streaming delivery, we recommend you make sure they can both accept a DDP file format.  Otherwise you may need to order multiple production masters which will incur additional charges in mastering.